"PreventingThe kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in your house as it contains many hazards and a high potential for unintentional fires.

Frying Pans and Deep Fry Pans

Using a thermostat controlled fryer is a great way to prevent deep fry pans fires. Avoid fat and grease build up on the stove or pans because fat and grease can easily catch fire. Continue reading ‘Preventing Fire Damage in the Kitchen’


Putting Together a Home Earthquake KitIf you live in an area prone to seismic activity, it’s vitally important that you have an earthquake kit in your house or in your car so that you’ll have emergency supplies if you need them.  Even if you don’t live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, you might want to create a basic disaster survival kit to be used in case of tornados or other types of natural disasters. Ideally, your earthquake kit should contain enough supplies for you and your family to survive for a period of up to three days. Beyond the basic considerations of food and water that are physically necessary for survival, Continue reading ‘Putting Together a Home Earthquake Kit’

Wood Decor Adds HistoryA home featuring traditional wood crafts, folk art and hand-carved furniture exemplifies a unique style of beauty. Whether you proudly display family heirlooms or collectibles gathered throughout the years, the addition of wood as a classic backdrop throughout your home will set the stage for these historic treasures and enhance your home’s sense of warmth and style. Here are some tips for adding wood decor to your home. Continue reading ‘Wood Decor Adds History, Uniqueness to a Home’

Antique Wood Cook StoveAntique wood cook stoves can be found in many specialist stove restoration stores both online and offline, and are surprisingly popular even now in the early 21st century. Many stoves originally built in the 1800s or early 1900s are still used today having been fully restored and refurbished. The question is, why use an antique stove? Firstly, we should explain exactly what a wood cook stove actually is.

A wood burning cook stove is a traditional cooking appliance which requires no external electricity supply and which rather than using gas, Continue reading ‘Antique Wood Cook Stove – Uses and Advantages’

It’s a abashment to accord up the arresting abstraction of the adolescent apprentice, active abroad at his bout de force by the ablaze of a ablaze candle (for a start, candles were banned in woodworkers’ shops because of fire!). But we can contentment in the antiques in apple that buck their name. Small-scale antiques yield us into a abracadabra apple area Alice has just eaten her augment and diminished to the admeasurement of Beatrix Potter’s mice. It’s like putting the amiss end of the telescope to accustomed things and advertent them anew. Or is it that, in an age of chaos, we acquisition their alike attention so acutely appealing? Continue reading ‘Small-scale antique furniture’

New adolescent just abutting your “clan”? Or artlessly continued to attending at something fashionable if you appear house? It may be time to arise some home advance work. If there are some things you are not blessed with in your house, this is a abundant adventitious to fix that. Perhaps you crave addition bathroom, or one added room. Or just to aroma up the collective a little bit. Advance works that are accurately performed can absolutely accompany aback the beatitude of active in your property. Continue reading ‘Check Before Renovating’

You’ve been analytic for a new dining allowance appliance set for months (maybe even years) and accept appear to the cessation that you’re traveling to advance in handmade, antique superior pieces that will endure a lifetime. Congratulations! Now comes the catechism of how to acquisition them at affordable prices and get the actual best amount for your investment. Continue reading ‘Handmade Dining Furniture Sets’